Trans-Tasman Business Hub: Uniting NZ and AU Entrepreneurs


Welcome to our thriving community space, bridging the Tasman Sea to connect businesses from New Zealand and Australia. This is the home for the Trans-Tasman Business Hub, NZ Business Network, and Small Business Connect NZ - all brought together on Facebook to serve as dynamic networking and resource platforms. Here, entrepreneurs and business owners from both sides of the Tasman find invaluable information, inspiration, and opportunities to connect. Our Facebook groups are tailored to help you expand your network, explore new markets, and gain crucial business insights. Whether you're looking to collaborate, innovate, or grow, you're in the right place. Join our vibrant community and be part of a network where progress, partnership, and success are always in focus.

  • Small Business Connect NZ: Small Business Connect NZ is a vibrant and supportive private Facebook group, tailored specifically for the growth and success of small businesses across Aotearoa New Zealand. At its core, this collaborative network brings together entrepreneurs and business owners to share insights, experiences, and resources. It’s a dedicated space for offering advice, forging meaningful connections, and providing a platform for businesses to showcase their services and products. Committed to fostering a thriving environment, Small Business Connect NZ is the go-to hub for small businesses to flourish and effectively navigate the unique challenges of the NZ market.
  • Trans Tasman Business Hub: Welcome to our dynamic public Facebook group, designed exclusively for businesses with a New Zealand Business Number (NZBN) or Australian Business Number (ABN). This group is a bustling hub for trans-Tasman enterprises, offering a platform where entrepreneurs and business owners across New Zealand and Australia can connect, share expertise, and grow together. It's an ideal space for exchanging ideas, accessing valuable resources, and showcasing your products and services. Committed to nurturing a vibrant business community, our group is the perfect place for businesses to thrive and navigate the unique landscapes of the NZ and AU markets.
  • NZ Business Network: Welcome to the NZ Business Network, your digital hub for connecting with New Zealand's brightest business minds. Our public Facebook group is a vibrant gathering place for entrepreneurs, innovators, and experienced professionals. Here, you'll find an abundance of networking opportunities, expert insights, and collaborative potential. Join us to engage in meaningful dialogue, discover new partnerships, and propel your business to new heights in Aotearoa’s dynamic business landscape.
  • Services Auckland: Discover Auckland's premier platform for service providers and seekers. Our private Facebook group, Services Auckland, offers a unique space for locals to connect, share, and engage with a wide array of services. Whether you're offering your expertise or in search of a specific skill, this group is the perfect meeting point. Join us for a relaxed, respectful, and fruitful experience in Auckland's vibrant service community.
  • Christchurch Jobs: Welcome to Christchurch Jobs, the thriving Facebook community where job seekers and employers in Christchurch, New Zealand, connect and thrive! Our group is a dynamic platform for sharing the latest job opportunities, career advice, and networking in a supportive and respectful environment. Whether you're seeking your next career challenge or looking to hire talented professionals, Christchurch Jobs is your go-to destination. Join us to explore new horizons, build connections, and contribute to the vibrant job market of our beautiful city.
  • Auckland Jobs: Welcome to Auckland Jobs, a dedicated Facebook community where Auckland's job market comes to life! Our group serves as a vibrant hub for job seekers and employers across Auckland, offering a space to discover exciting job opportunities, share valuable career insights, and engage in professional networking. Whether you're on the hunt for your dream job or seeking top talent for your business, Auckland Jobs is the ideal platform to connect, grow, and succeed in Auckland's diverse and dynamic job landscape. Join our community and be a part of Auckland's thriving employment scene!